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Mr.Sajid Shah

Flat # 516 ISOLA

If you are really looking for a luxury living and well within budget come to Gridhari Homes “You won’t regret It” Going again to rent a property was another mystery for us, we wanted to buy our own property in Hyderabad after looking at lot of ventures we made a decision to buy property in Gridhari Homes ISOLA. One thing I must say post sales and service is amazing irrespective of hurdles and issues you may have or came across there is a well behaved, trained and knowledgeable fleet of staff to support you to complete the journey of building your own dream home. If you are really looking for a luxury living and well within budget come to Gridhari Homes “You won’t regret It” Gridhari Homes a big thank you from Sajid Shah & Family for making our dream home project come true.


Mr. Vasireddy Rajasekar

Apt No. 515. ISOLA.

First, to identify myself, I am the proud owner of Apt No. 515, in this prestigeous project of Giridhari Homes pvt.Ltd, at Bandlaguda Jagir Hyderabad. In fact, after searching for a house, for 3 long years, and at a point of time, when I was totally disappointed, I came in touch with Giridhari people, who have offered me this beautifull house, as I readily accepted it. To be frank, and honest, the Giridhari people have done exemplery work, in their endeavour, to make this apartment “A PARADISE” in Hyderabad. My first impression, after taking a glance at Isola is that ” I have finally reached my destination”. I am reasonably convinced with the facilities available here, like” GYM, LIBRARY, A SWIMMING POOL FOR KIDS, THE BEAUTIFULL BUILDING SURROUNDED BY BEAUTIFULL GARDEN,” and facilities like table tennis, volley ball, BIlliards, Carroms, a coffee house, and function hall and what not, every facility is being provided here. That’s the reason I called it ” A PARADISE ” in Hyderabad. The builders are” down to earth”, and they are very nice to their customers. Honestly speaking, I can give a Five Star rating for this Isola apartment. The quality of construction is absolutely of high standards, and above all, the builders have impressed me very much, by circulating the gurranttee papers, of whatever installations they have done in this building as materials like hardware ( Iron & Steel), the sanitary ware, the electrical equipment and like wise, and stood as a trend setter, for future constructions. The corridors, provided with beautifull LED lights, and a transparent Lift, are something that makes you feel amazing. For the last three months, I have been staying in this apartment, which makes me feel very comfortable and reasonably convinced. To put it simply, ” The facilities of a Gated Community” have been provided here, at a reasonable price by the builders, to whom the total credit goes to. My full appreciation, for the ”BUILDERS ” who are responsible for bringing such a beautifull project like “ISOLA”, and I thank them for this wholeheartedly.

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Mr. Amit Dixit


I was back from New zeland in 2007 and was looking for a flat and selected Giridhari – Executive Park. Till date I have no regrets and I am a proud owner of Giridhari – Executive Park. Moved 1month ago in Block A 704 and so far it has been amazing journey with Executive Park.


Mr. D.Srinivas


Its not that today one day we have become celebrities. When we made this decision to buy the flat in Giridhari from that day we have become celebrities. We all are here as celebrities and will continue to be as celebrities in this Executive Park and I thank entire Giridhari Management to make this dream home come true. I know there has been some problems, debates, discussions but everything has happened but end result is amazing. We love living here. The progress that is happening every day is amazing and I like it.


Mrs. Sanjay Gupta


We are 2nd occupant in H Block. Last week of March 2011 I was in my flat and saw the condition of flat and was worried if I could take possession by April 1st week. But I am glad and thankful to all who have made this possible for me. So far we are happy to see the quality of construction.


Mr.S.V.Ranga Rao


The journey that we had with Executive Park was a pleasant journey. We looked at lot of ventures in 2007 but one thing that attracted us was proximity to schools and also the ground water level I assume is good because of two lakes that are besides and if we go to other side of the city its so much of constructions. It is much better locality to be in, that we have enjoyed buying this flat here and on top it I would like to thank Giridhari Management who have been very responsive to our needs when ever we had any issue. I know there has been some hiccups and finally we are happy and once again thankful to Giridhari Management.

Avigna B 502

Avari Ravi Teja & Sindhura


Giridhari fulfilled our first beautiful home need by coming up with an innovative elevation and a nicely designed flat.Promised quality and promised timelines. welcoming staff for feedbacks and modifications, friendly interactions make them appealing and are very professional.

I must say that I am least disappointed. Ambitious to change the landscape of the mid-level home market and the perception around it, relentless efforts to be better each time and make a name and build a brand. I would strongly recommend association with Giridhari for they are building communities and not just walls.

Murari B 217

K.Naga Aditya Kumar & Hari Priya.

Murari B - 217

“With Giridhari homes you truly get what you want”

we are new to the gated community culture and were concerned about buying during challenging the economic times. We considered many ventures but chose Giridhari homes because of many  people’s positive feedback, and we are extremely happy for making the decision. The housing consultant Sai was very personable and committed to make the process very approachable. The admin department Mohini were so patient in attending our queries on each and every visit.Starting from the inception of the project to the each completion of process till date the involvement, understanding, accessibility have been amazing.

We thank each and every department of the people involved in this process from sales team, craftsman and many other people from my initial meeting with your sales staff to negotiation,contracts,structural designs, construction, follow up work have been dealt with such an smooth way of this journey so pleasantable and extremely satisfied. My Special Thanks to MD Indrasena Reddy and his Team.

Final iamges

Mohan Sasanapuri & Supriya.

Avighna A - 210

“This is my second home at Giridhari Homes. The buildings they build is each a masterpiece comprising of great quality and standards. I get so excited when they come up with a new plan but my salary restricts me to buy more”

Murari 301 A

Siddhani Bandhavi & Srinadh Nandikolla

Giridhari Murari 301 A

We have booked my flat in Giridhari Murari 301 A .Till date we have received regular updates on the progress and nice customer experience.

My Personal appreciation to MD Indrasena reddy and Customer relationship manager  Mohini  All the Best. Hope you will deliver as per the commitment and best customer experience.


Yashwin Yaski

Murari A-501

“Getting a home was one of my goals in the year 2016 and that was fulfilled by Giridhari Homes. First thing I liked about them was affordability. They were very flexible in my payment process and always provided clarity on any kind of questions I had. I liked their concept of creating a unique experience in every project. With many amenities provided in the amount of space limited, I was thrilled. Their 4th Generation Homes Concept is amazing and close to what the people are missing now. Located in the best location (a least polluted area in Hyderabad) and providing few amenities which benefit us in our everyday lifestyle will definitely help us add up the age. Giridhari Homes may be the only builder who is trying to provide Luxury and Lifestyle at the Affordable price. I liked their motto of giving us what we need than what they want to build. I am so thrilled for Murari.I would definitely recommend my friends and family anytime to invest in Giridhari Homes”


Vinay Parimi

Avighna B-106

A dream so common with any person I too had it in me, to own a Quality Home. I started the pursuit of finding a home in the ever growing city of Hyderabad. Having many big names and ventures present in market that we come across in reality expo and in many digital forums, it was indeed a tough call to make a decision like whom to go with and where to land up. But ever since my trials started, I knew one organization GIRIDHARI HOMES that builds best living communities in Hyderabad, which are reliable and budget-friendly homes with best in class living facilities. As it is evident from their ventures, they talk LOUD about their dedication and passion for the business they are into. Today I am happy with my decision and with the confidence, I have With GIRIDHARI HOMES, I choose “GIRIDHARI AVIGHNA” which is one of the beautiful ventures I personally loved. A special thanks to customer relations team for providing a swift upgrade of my flat from a 2BHK to 3BHK with no burden on the finance proceedings ample time was given to do the upgrade. Their transparency in progress, communication, and commitment is simply a sense of relief as they take off the burden from our shoulders and satisfaction that we get while we are in pursuit of our home is Commendable I am very pleased to say I am proud Giridhari an and would like to endorse GIRIDHARI HOMES a Compassionate Partners to all my family and friends who are willing to share the dream living.


Venkata Kishore

Avighna A-105

Giridhari Homes has provided a one-stop solution for luxury living for a common man. I just visited their website as I had heard a lot about Giridhari Homes, and was totally fascinated. It showed a world full of comfort as if you are living your dreams. This compelled me to convince my dad and visit their site. The customer care and staff were really helpful and supportive. They provided us nice hospitality. and the price of the property also a very affordable cost for a common man. It’s way lower as compared to other leading builders in the city. The class of construction and planning will take you to the world of dreams. They have designed the homes in the way you desire to have. A living space full of luxury with the facility you are looking for. You name the facility and it’s there. My dad also got impressed by the project and living plan they have developed. Do visit the site once if you are planning to go for luxury living with affordable Price.


Rohit Deo

Avighna A-411

My name is Rohit, and my association with Giridhari Homes begin because of basketball. Yep, I got introduced to Giridhari Homes by one of my colleague and my fellow player. I was looking for a lot of options within my bracket, I got few too. SO I started conversation with Giridhari Homes, I really liked the idea of Avighna Apartments from the word go. I liked the design of Avighna which is according to Vastu Shastra plus a modern outlook. I have decided to go ahead with Avighna. In such busy lifestyle we need guidance in financial matter and proper counselling on all aspects regarding buying a home. Giridhari Homes gave me that. Right from financial guidance to regular proper updates on Homes. I have got assistance on my regular site visits and proper explanation on next plans. I have found the project is maintaining the schedule which they have promised, which is a big plus when it comes to Homes. They helped me a lot to make my home buying experience smooth and good one. Proud to be a Giridharian


Tadepalli Harishanker

Avighna B-405

We are in the finishing stages of getting our dream house from Giridhari and could not be more pleased. I have no hesitancy in writing a letter of recommendation. They have been proactive in ensuring that we were aware of our potential choices and helped us make the “right” decisions. They have been very professional, flexible and dedicated to our dream house project. Their expertise, and time, and personal interest in satisfying all of our requests were invaluable. We are very happy that we chose Giridhari Homes to build our Dream Home and would highly recommend them!