"Beautify Your Dreams"

  • Be happier!! Feel Great !! Live longer !!

    Our clubhouse provides a stimulating and creative social environment for locally -based and broad minded individuals. Our clubhouse hosts a calendar of events including private dinners and social gatherings.

    100% vastu:we have designed our layouts and floorplans with 100% vastu to increase your wealth,Happiness and Abundance.

  • Poolside terrace garden on clubhouse:

    • This poolside Terrace garden on clubhouse will reflect the premium values and affluent lifestyle of its high-end residents.
    • It provides a visual striking when viewed from the clubhouse and apartments above.
    • Feel the resort experience from your place.

  • View of Avighna :

    The most attractive part of the project is its unique shape,has creeks with water fountains,eco friendly with plesent ambiance which makes one relax away from the hustel and bustel of urban living.It will be a new landmark in the area.In its uniqueness the status and self esteemed of its owners will rise.Its breathtaking view will makes its residents proud.

  • A Destination

    Moving up in life is something we always look forward to. Reason why a home at Giridhari AVIGNA will be a step up in life. Look at it from any perspective, you will find it worth the investment - be it is for reaping rich returns in the future, or for living there for the rest of your life. Think of it as a way of rewarding yourself with luxurious living or think of it as a way of handling over a legacy to your next generation.

  • Infinity pool

    • This timeless Infinity pool are designed to relax and rejuvenate your body,mind and soul.
    • An infinity pool is definitely the most luxurious water feature you can have at home.
    • In summer we pretty much can't think of anything else we would rather be doing than taking a dip in one.